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    Anticipation aggravates. Nervous. Hurried. Brain fag. Emotional diarrhoea.

    Splinter-like pains. Craves sugar which <.

    : -Apprehension, fear or fright
    -Intemperate habits
    -Mental strain and worry
    -Onanism and venery

    : < Emotion 3 < Anxiety 3 > Cold air 3
    < Apprehension fear or fright or suspense > Cold bath
    < In room 2, in shut places > Hard pressure
    < Mental strain and worry > Motion
    < Sugar < Drinking > Eructations,
    < Lying on right side 2 < Crowds bending double
    < Looking down < Riding > Warm drinks
    < Warmth in any form < Thinking 2 > Dark room
    < Motion < Before and > Open air 2
    < Rising from sitting during menses
    < Cold food; ice creams < Touching the parts
    < Night or morning on rising

    : 1. Acute or chronic diseases from unusual or long continued mental exertion.

    2. Great APPREHENSION, especially when getting ready for church, opera, examination etc. Any engagement and at that time diarrhoea sets in. Dreads ordeals. It is a good remedy for examination funk. Fear to be late.

    3. IMPULSIVE, wants to do things in a HURRY. Unexplainable, foolish impulses.

    Time passes slowly.

    4. Great fear of projecting buildings on street corners, which creates a sensation as if it would fall over him. Sight of height makes him dizzy.

    5. Suicidal tendency prevails on when crossing, or on high places or bridge, or looking out through a window. The impulse comes on him to jump down from it.

    6. Predicts the time of death. Fixed idea that he is going to die at a certain hour.

    7. Obstinate against whatever was proposed he had the queerest objection.

    8. Delusion he is despised.

    9. Anxiety about health; when alone, ameliorated in company.





    : -Mucous membranes are inflammed and ulcerated, causing muco purulent discharges and splincter like pains. Violent pains like, deeply sticking SPLINCTER or sharp shooting, like lighting, grinding or radiating, causing starting, extending down the back or legs.

    -Chilly when uncovered yet feels smothered if wrapped up. Craves fresh air.

    -Symptoms of INCOORDINATION, loss of control and want of balance everywhere mentally and physically. Trembling in affected parts.

    -Desire for SUGAR, sweets, salt; but sugar <, it results in diarrhoea.

    -Warm blooded, one of the hottest remedies.

    -Headache-with coldness and trembling.

    -Congestive, with fullness and heaviness, with sense of expansion.

    -Habitual, gastric, ending in bilious vomiting.

    - < from mental labor
    >pressure or tight bandaging (Apis, Puls).

    -Eyes-Acute granular conjunctivitis.

    -Scarlet red like raw beef
    -Inner canthi swollen.

    -Purulent ophthalmia >cold water application.

    -R.s.-High notes cause cough.

    -Chronic hoarseness of singers (Caust, Arg-m, Arum).

    -G.I.T.-Belching accompanies most gastric ailments.

    -Flatulence, painful swelling of pit of stomach.

    -Abdominal colic with much flatulent distention.

    -Bursting, loud explosive belching, discharged upward and downward.

    -Diarrhoea-Green, mucus like chopped spinach, in flakes.

    -After eating candy or sugar.

    -Masses of mucolymph in shrilly strips or lumps with much noisy flatus (Aloe).

    -Diarrhoea immediately after eating or drinking. Fluids go right though him.

    -C.V.S.-Palpitation, pulse irregular, and intermittent.

    - < lying on right side (Alumen).

    -Urine passes unconsciously by day and night.

    -Impotence, erection fails when coition is attempted (Cactus, Calad, Selen).

    -Coition painful in both sexes, followed by bleeding from vagina.

    -Good remedy for epilepsy from fright.

    < during menses
    < at night.

    -Pupils are dilated for a day or two before the attack and followed by restlessness and trembling of hands.

    : 1. Great apprehension before any engagement. Breaks into profuse sweat and diarrhoea sets in.

    2. Splincter like violent, deeply sticking, shooting like, lighting, grinding or radiating pains.

    3. Fear of projecting buildings, cannot look up, feels as if they would fall on him. Cannot look down from heights.

    4. Craving for sweets which <.

    : 1. Great apprehension and anxiety before any engagement, and diarrhoea sets in.

    2. Very characteristic desire for sweets.

    3. Splincter like pains and free muco purulent discharge of the inflammed and ulcerated mucous membrane.

    3. Fear of heights and projecting buildings.

    4. Suicidal tendency. Also fear of death.

    5. Flatulent dyspepsia. Diarrhoea - green, mucus like, chopped spinach, in flakes, turning green after remaining on diaper

    : Suitable to students, brain workers.

    : Simple paraplegia from exhaustion - Dr. Hughes.

    Dull chronic headache of students - Dr. Hughes.

    : Compare: Ars, Merc, Phos, Puls, Arg, Arg-i, Arg-p, Nat-m, Coff, Calc, Bry, Caust, Lyc, Sars, Stann, Glon, Nit-ac, Hep-s.

    Complementary: Calc, Nat-m, Puls, Sep.

    Antidoted By: Nat mur, Arsen.

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