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    Inferiority complex, worthlessness. Cruelty, cold heartedness.

    Delusion of an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other - he is pulled in two directions at once.

    Sensations - Blunt plug-like, or band around parts.

    All complaints >from eating.

    : Marking Nut.

    : Anacardiaceae.

    : Layer of nut between shell and kernel.

    : -Bad effects of mental excitement.

    -Excessive utilisation of brain for purposeless thoughts.

    -Anger; Fright; Care
    -Sedentary habits.

    -Mental exertion, Over study
    -Consequences of mortifications
    -Suppressed eruptions

    : < Empty stomach > FROM EATING
    < Long after eating (after 2-3 hrs) > Lying down and falling asleep
    < During motion > During digestion
    < Evening to midnight > Rubbing
    < Mental exertion 3 > Lying on side
    < Strong smells > Heat
    < Drafts (cold) > In the sun
    < Stepping hard 2 > Hot bath
    < Open air
    < Emotions
    < Morning
    < Anger2, fright, care
    < Talking

    : -Physical and mental LACK OF POWER. Weakness, fatigue, BRAIN FAG.

    -BAD MEMORY. Sudden loss of memory. Absentminded.

    -Fear of examinations. Nervous exhaustion from over study.

    -Fear of failure, of someone behind him.

    -Fear or delusion or dreams of BEING PURSUED.

    -Pathological inferiority and low self-esteem. LACK OF CONFIDENCE in himself and others.

    -Special senses are weakened - sight, hearing, touch, smell etc.

    -Want of moral sentiment. Unsocial.

    -Very CRUEL, malicious, wicked; ILL NATURED, PROFANE. Fist fights.

    -Very easily offended, IRRESISTIBLE DESIRE TO CURSE and SWEAR [Lil-tig, Lac-c, Nit-ac].

    -FIXED IDEAS; that he is double as if mind and body are separate; as if someone pursuing him.

    -Illusions, delusions, hallucinations. Thinks he is possessed of two persons or wills, one commanding him to do what the other forbids

    -CONTRADICTORY IMPULSES - laughs at serious things, remains serious when anything laughable occurs.

    -Desire to prove himself.

    -History of abusive family, marriage or relationships.

    -Alcohol or drug abuse.

    -Sadomasochistic desires or sexual fantasies involving pain or humiliation.

    : -Adapted to hysterical women, ill natured children and old people. Neurasthenics who have a type of NERVOUS DYSPEPSIA relieved by food.

    -PLUG-LIKE SENSATION, as of a dull pressure in inner parts such as rectum, anus, head, eyes etc.

    -CONSTRICTIVE SENSATION as of a hoop or BAND around the parts eg. head, knee etc. [ Sulph, Carbolic Ac.]

    -PARETIC WEAKNESS or actual paralysis of rectum with great desire for stool, but with the effort, the desire passes of without evacuation. INEFFECTUAL DESIRE, rectum feels powerless as if plugged up [Nux-v - because of irregular peristalsis].



    -Symptoms prone to go from right to left (Lyc).

    -EMPTY ALL GONE Sensation in stomach, comes on only when stomach is empty and is relieved by eating and > during process of digestion [ Chel, Iod, Petr, Sep].

    -Eczema, neurotic. Intense itching with mental irritability not > by scratching > water as hot as could be borne.

    -Warts on palms of hands ( Nat-m). Clammy sweat on palms.

    : 1. Eating temporarily relieves all symptoms.

    2. Irresistible desire to curse and swear.

    3. Illusion of duality - as if possessed of two persons or wills.

    4. Great weakness of memory.

    : - Neurasthenics, hypochondriacs, hysterical women.

    - All symptoms < fasting > eating.

    - Plug-like sensation ( inner parts) and band-like sensation (outer parts).

    - Ill natured, cruel, tendency to swear.

    - Bad memory.

    - Illusion of duality.

    : -All gone sensation in stomach < empty stomach > eating.

    -Eating temporarily relieves all symptoms.

    : -Behavioural problems, Depression, Gastritis, Inferiority complex, Mania, Paranoia, Peptic ulcer, Rhus poisoning, Suicidal tendencies.

    -Wounds of tendons - Dr. Stearus.

    -Loss of memory as a sequelae to variola.

    : -Compare - Hyos, Med, Nux-v, Staph, Stram.

    -Remedies that precede well - Lyc, Plat, Puls.

    -Remedies that follow well - Lyc, Plat, Puls.

    -Antidoted by - Clem, Coff, Crot-t, Ran-b, Rhus-t, Jug-cin.

    -Antidote to - Rhus-t.

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