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  • ALUMINA [Alum]

    Dullness. Slowness. Disorientation. Dryness. Potatoes aggravate.

    Constipation. Paralysis.

    : Aluminium oxydatum.

    : Aluminium Hydrate.

    : -From artificial food, lifting.

    -Bottle fed babies, bodily exertion, disappointments, anger.

    -Lead poisoning.

    : < Food, artificial, potatoes 3, starch, salt > Mild summer weather 3
    < Periodically, on alternate day 3 > Warm drinks 3
    < Full and new moon 3 > While eating
    < In cold air, during winter 3 > Wet weather
    < Speaking 2
    < Early on awaking 3
    < After menses
    < Talking
    < Eating potatoes cold

    : -The patient is very hasty and HURRIED. Time passes too slowly, an hour seems half a day.

    -Great mental CONFUSION as to his personal identity itself.

    -Alternating moods.

    -Everything is viewed in sad light, depressed on awakening on the other hand, fears his own impulse.

    -SUICIDAL tendency on seeing knife or blood. Fears loss of reason.

    -Parasthesia in the mental sphere, the consciousness of the reality and judgement is disturbed. Impressions reach consciousness SLOWLY i.e. prick of needle will be felt with delay.

    -Illusions of being large, numb, smooth, heavy. Makes mistakes in speaking or writing.

    -Laughs and talks between paroxysms of spasm.

    -Great stupor and dread of falling forward. Slowness in answering questions and vague replies can not be hurried > at own place < time limits.

    Anxiety of conscience, as if guilty of a crime.

    -VAGUENESS, no clear symptoms come out. (Stages)
    1. Slowness. Slow comprehension.

    Don't tolerate pressure of time.

    Sensation of being hurried inside, can't stand being hurried.

    Cannot do two things at the same time.

    2. CONFUSION. TURMOIL. Vague state of mind.

    Impossible to express feelings, their problem.

    3. Loss of identity. "Who am I?".

    When talk, think someone else is talking.

    Everything seems unreal.

    4. Come to conclusion they are going insane.

    Deep despair of recovery.

    Depression, resignation.

    Fear of knives, blood, cockroaches, disease, epilepsy, evil spirits. Impulses to kill themselves when seeing knife or blood.

    : -It affects the cerebro-spinal axis causing disturbance in co-ordination and paretic effects Parasthesia, spinal degeneration.

    -Very chilly patient, deficient in animal heat and relieved warmth in general, except skin eruptions.

    -Dryness of all the mucous membranes of the body, also there is a dry skin or irritability and relaxation.

    -Mucus discharges profuse, discharges are thin acrid and irritant.

    -Patient is thin, wants to lie down but increases the fatigue.

    -Pulsations are felt in various parts and pains go upwards.(especially in infants, old people, sedentary women)

    -Desire- dry food, indigestible things such as dry rice, starch, chalk, charcoal, earth, coal, cloves, coffee grounds, tea.

    -Aversion- meat, potatoes.

    -Potato disagrees causes eructations, heaviness indigestion.

    -Vertigo-On closing eyes.

    -Tend to fall forward.


    -Thickening lids.


    -Ptosis of eyelid.

    -Dim vision.

    -Catarrhal conjuctivitis, with great dryness and burning.

    -Throat-Scraping from dryness.

    -Abdomen-Colic pain in abdomen painter's colic.

    -Chronic eructations for years, worse in evening


    -Constipation during pregnancy. Constipation of newborns.

    -No urging, have to aid with fingers. Rectum seems paralyzed.

    -Perspiration from straining at stool.

    -Thin stool ("thin as a pencil").

    -There is extreme inactivity of rectum, even soft stool requires great staining. There is no desire for days together, obstinate constipation due to paretic condition of rectum and dryness of mucous membrane. Requires great straining.

    -Diarrhoea when patient urinates.

    -Urinary system-It takes a long time to get urination started.

    -Female genitalia-Sexual desire low. No orgasm.

    -Menses short, one day only, scanty.

    -Alternating symptoms, at end of menses.

    -After menses- great exhaustion, physically and mentally, menses scanty, pale.

    -Mental and physical exhaustion after menses.

    -Leucorrhoea is profuse, transparent and acrid running down to heels, more during day and better by cold bathing.

    -Cough-Constant, dry.

    -All irritant things- like salt, wine, vinegar, pepper etc. immediately produces cough and sore throat of public speakers.

    -Extremities-Paralysis slow onset, starts with numbness soles of feet, heaviness legs.

    -Heaviness of limbs progressing to paralysis.

    -Incoordinated walking, ataxia.

    -Sensory-disorders; e.g. slow reaction on prick of needle (Cocc, Plb).

    -Callosities, tenderness soles of feet.

    -Inability to walk, except with eyes open and in the daytime, tottering and falling when closing eyes.

    -Locomotor Ataxia.

    -Spinal degeneration - paralysis of lower limbs legs feels asleep when sitting with leg crossed.

    -Ankylosing spondylosis (sensation as if hot bandage around lumbar region).

    -Skin-DRY, dry tettary eruption. Burning < winter.

    -Falling of hair, eyelashes.

    -Itching without eruption (Ars, Dol, Mez, Sulph).

    -Scratch until it bleeds.

    -No perspiration.

    -Intolerable itching of whole body when getting warm in bed.

    : -Inability to walk with eyes closed in darkness, tottering and falling when closing eyes.

    -Constipation-Even for soft stool has to strain, sticks to rectum like clay, has to strain at stool to urinate. Diarrhoea when she urinates.

    -Allergy to salt, wine, vinegar, pepper immediately produces cough.

    -Sensation of cobweb or dried white of an eggs on face.

    : -Lack of vital heat, great mental and physical exhaustion (especially after menses).

    -Dryness-Irritation of mucous membrane with dryness, catarrh dryness. Dryness of skin. Dryness of rectum, vagina.

    -Sensation of dried white egg is on face, or of a cobweb.

    -Craving for indigestible things like starch, chalk, charcoal etc.

    : -Lack of vital heat.

    -Chilly persons who are apprehensive, hasty, impulsive with guilty conscience.

    Anxiety about future.

    -Dryness of mucus membranes.

    -Tendency to paretic muscular states especially of the rectum, locomotor ataxia.

    -Debility, sluggishness, heaviness, numbness, staggering.

    -Chilly, disposition to colds.

    : -Ataxia, Alzheimer's disease, Constipation, Dementia, Depression, Eczema, Fecal impaction, Multiple sclerosis, Myopathy, Paralysis, Parkinson's disease, Urinary retention, Vertigo.

    -For sore throat of clergymen or other public speakers who are thin in flesh, there is no remedy equal to Alumina - Dr. Dunham.

    -Violent cough excited by an elongated uvula. - Dr. Dunham.

    A very slow acting remedy, let it act a long time (Calc-p, Sil).

    : -Compare-Hell, Cocc, Graph, Nux-m, Op.

    -Complementry- Bry, Ferr. ( Related- Bry, Plumbum)
    -Alumina is the chronic of Bryonia.

    -Follows - Bry, Lach, Sulph.

    -Similar to Baryta carb, Conium - in ailment of old people.

    -Antidotes to lead.

    -Antidoted by - Bry, Camph, Cham, Ipec.

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