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    Twitching, fasciculations, tremors, spasms, convulsions, chorea, grimaces.

    Anxiety and excitement. Ecstasy.

    Dependent and fearful.

    Awkwardness in arms and legs.

    < before thunderstorms < coition
    Diagonal affections.

    Low back pain

    : Amanita Muscaria.

    : Toadstool

    : Fungi

    : -Coitus 3, sexual excess
    -Frost 2
    -Sun 2
    -Indolent circulation
    -Bad effects of alcohol, debauches
    -Suppressed eruptions, suppressed milk.

    -After being scolded or punished
    -Fright; mental application

    : < Before thunder storm 3 < Mental Exhaustion 3 > Gentle motion
    < Coition 3 < Alcohol > When warm in bed
    < Pressure on spine 3 < Touch 3 > Chorea
    < During menses < Freezing air 3 > During sleep
    < Open air (cold) < Fright
    < Sun

    : -Sings, talks, but does not answer.

    -Loquacity, but answers no questions. Disinclined to answer questions.

    -Aversion to work, indifference.

    -Indisposed to perform any kind of work especially mental.

    -Fearlessness, or only fear of cancer.

    -Fears to be left alone lest be injure himself in a frenzy.

    -Anxiety about health.

    -Makes verses. Poetic at night.

    -Hilarious. Excited and ecstatic states.

    -Excessively fanciful.

    -Embraces and kisses hands.


    -Morose, self-willed, stubborn.

    -Awkward, clumsy.

    -Pressure on spine causes involuntary laughter.

    -Convulsions after being scolded.

    -Delirium and exaltation of strength, can lift heavy weights.

    -Delusion that he is great person, he is under super human control.

    -Occupation ameliorates.

    -Aversion to being touched.

    : -Acts on cerebro-spinal axis. Its action on brain produces more vertigo and delirium.

    -Affection of spinal cord, nerves and medulla produces irregular, angular, uncertain and exaggerated motions.

    -Patient reaches too far, staggers or steps too high, drops things etc.

    -Symptoms appear slowly.

    Patient suffers from many and diverse symptoms.

    -Yawning before complaints.

    -Symptoms appear diagonally-as right arm and left leg.

    -Cold sensations-sensation as if pierced by cold needles or hot needles
    -a cold drop or cold weight on the parts.

    -Trembling, twitching, jerking, or fibrillar spasms here and there are very marked.

    -Nervousness and restlessness. Chorea > during sleep.

    -Tubercular diathesis-catarrhal condition of chest with night sweats
    -cough and pus like sputa, small globules of mucus.

    -C.N.S.-Painful twitching, then the parts become stiff and cold.

    -Convulsions-after coition
    -from suppressed milk
    -after being scolded or punished
    -In epilepsy and convulsions, the physical strength is increased, can lift heavy weights.

    -Young nervous, hysterical, married women who faint after coition.

    -Children walk and talk late on account of brain complaints.

    -Chorea and involuntary movements while awake, cease during sleep.

    -Chorea from simple motions.

    -Jerks of single muscles to dancing or trembling of whole body.

    -Uncertain in walking, stumbles over everything in the way.

    -Good for cases of blepharospasm and tics, convulsions.

    -Head-Headache-dull, must move the head to and fro, > after stool or urine.

    -Pain as from nail in right side of head.

    -Headache < by cold air, before thunderstorm.

    -Vertigo, from sunlight.

    -Mouth-Looking out of open window causes toothache and pain in lower limbs < cold air

    -G.I.T.-Ravenous appetite with bolting of food.

    -Spleen medicine causing stitches in the side and it has cured stitch in runners, enabling them to run further.

    -C.V.S.-Palpitation of tea or coffee drinkers.

    -Male genitalia-Nervous prostration after sexual debauches.

    -Sexual desire increased.

    -After coition, great debility.

    -Profuse sweat, palpitation during coition.

    -Female genitalia-Complaints following parturition and coitus.

    -Menses too profuse.

    -Nipples itch and burn, look red during pregnancy.

    -Metastases from suppressed milk to the brain, abdominal troubles etc.


    -Post climacteric bearing down pain most intolerable.

    -Back-Spine is very sensitive to touch < morning

    -Feels pain as if beaten, when standing.

    -Pain sore aching in lumbar and sacral region, during exertion in the daytime, while sitting.

    -Spinal irritation due to sexual excess.

    -Every motion, every turn of body causes pain in spine.

    -Single vertebra sensitive to touch

    -Skin-Chilblains that itch and burn intolerably.

    -Frostbite and all consequences of exposure to cold, especially in face.

    -Burning, itching, redness of various parts. Red, swollen, hot.

    -Angio-neurotic oedema.

    -Sweat oily, but not offensive.


    -Yawning frequent, before pains or spasms as a concomitant.

    -Yawning followed by involuntary laughter.

    : -Involuntary, irregular, uncertain and exaggerated movements >during sleep < after coition.

    -Touch to the back, makes him laugh.

    -Frost bite and chilblains.

    -Angio-neurotic oedema.

    -Sensation as if ice meddles were piercing the skin.

    -Complaints appear diagonally, upper left and lower right side.

    -Cough ends in a sneeze. Sneezing in sunshine.

    -Yawning before all complaints

    : -A/F :-Coition, suppressed eruptions.

    -When being scolded or punished.

    -Alcohol, debauches.

    -Complaints appear diagonally-right lower and left upper.

    -Extreme sensitiveness to cold air, sensation as if hot or cold needles are pricking in different parts of body.

    -Chorea, twitching < coition > sleep during.

    -Chilblains, frost bite, all consequences of exposure to cold, especially in face.

    - Nervous prostration after sexual debauches in both the sexes.

    : -Nervous (mental) disorders with involuntary movement while awake, cease during sleep, chorea.

    -Great sensitiveness of the body to pressure, to touch, to cold air.

    -Skin itches, burns - as if hot or cold needles pricking in the skin.

    : -Anxiety, Bell's palsy, Chilblain, Chorea, Delirium, Depression, Fasciculation,
    Lumbago, Multiple sclerosis, Neuralgia, Neuromyopathy, Paraesthesia, Sciatica, Seizure disorders, Tremor, Twitching.

    -Paralytic weakness in the lower limbs after becoming pregnant may lead to Agaricus( Homoeopathic Records Aug 1932).

    -Agaricus corresponds to tubercular diathesis.

    : -Compare-Arg-n, Ars, Cupr, Nit-ac, Rhus-t.

    -Remedy follows well after-Bell, Calc, Merc, Op, Puls, Rhus-t, Sil.

    -Remedy precedes well-Bell, Calc, Cupr, Merc, Op, Puls, Rhus-t, Sil, Tar-h.

    -Related to-Phys, Tub.

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