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    Terror, anxiety, agonizing fear, restless, excited, nervous, impatient. 

    Sudden, violently acute, painful effects. Congestions. Inflammation. Haemorrhages. 

    Sticking, tearing pains with numbness. Burning thirst. High fever. 

    : Monks hood / Wolfs bane 

    : Ranunculaceae 

    : Tincture of fresh plant 

    : Heart- Inhibitory paralysis,decreases B.P 
    Circulation: Vasomotor paralysis 
    Temperature- Depressed with diaphoresis 
    C.N.S.- Paralysis 
    Mucus membrane - Inflammation 
    Stomach -Emesis, congestion, neuralgia. 

    Lungs -Enteric vagi paralysis, congestion, inflammation 
    Tendons and fibrous tissue -Rheumatoid inflammation Serous membrane -Plastic inflammation. 

    : -Fear 3, fright 3, shock3. 

    -Chill, dry cold weather 
    -Heat especially of sun 
    -Injury, surgical shock 
    -Draught of cold air 
    -Checked perspiration 
    -Very hot weather (G.I.T.) 

    : < Violent emotions 2 < Chilled 2 by cold, dry > Open air [Alum, Mag-c, Puls] 
    [Fright, Shock, Vexation] winds while sweating 
    < Noise 2 < Light 2 > Repose 
    < Night 2 < Dentition > Warm sweat 
    < Lying on the left side on < After getting in bed > Sitting still (rheumatism) 
    back on affected side 
    [Hep, Nux-m] 
    < Rising from bed < In close (warm room) > Wine 
    < Tobacco smoke < Pressure touch 
    < During menses < Sleeping in the sun 
    < Music < Inspiration 

    : 1. Great FEAR, anxiety, worry accompany every ailment however trivial. 

    2. With fear; screams, moans, gnaws fists, bites nails wants to die. 

    3. Unconsolable anxiety, piteous wailing, vexation about trifles. 

    4. Fears death, believes that he will soon die, predicts the day. Fear of death during pregnancy or labour, predicts time. 

    5. Fear of future, of crowds, crossing the streets, of touching others passing by, of narrow places, of earthquakes [Morrison]. 

    6. Terror Stricken. 

    7. Great timidity especially after a fright, afraid in the dark, fear of ghosts etc. Afraid to go out of the house. 

    8. Restlessness; tossing about. 

    9. Impatient; besides himself, frantic from intensity of pain. 

    10. Pain insupportable, driving to despair. 

    11. Undertakes many things, perseveres in nothing. 

    12. Desires light, company. 

    13. Music is unbearable, makes her sad [Ambr, Sab] [During menses- Nat-c] 
    14. Thinks his thoughts come from stomach, that parts of his body are abnormally thick. 

    15. Delirium is characterized by unhappiness, worry, fear, raving, early unconsciousness. 

    16. Physical and mental restlessness. 

    17. Acute sudden violent invasion with fear. 

    : -Symptoms- acute, violent, painful, appear suddenly, remain for a short while. 

    -Pains- sticking, tearing. Parts remain sore or numb after pains. 

    Tingling coldness numbness. 

    -Dryness, heat, especially of skin with unquenchable thirst for large quantity of cold water. 

    -Acute stage of inflammation; violent. 

    -Harmorhages bright red [Bell]. 

    -Special senses acute. 

    -Most symptoms disappear while sitting quietly, but at night in bed they are insupportable. 

    -Vertigo- < on rising [Nux-v, Op], shaking the head. 

    -Head- Fullness, heavy pulsating hot bursting burning. 

    -Eyes- Profuse watering of eyes after exposure to dry cold winds, reflection from snow, after extraction of cinders, or other foreign bodies. 

    -Nose-Pain at root of nose. 

    -Mucous membranes dry, nose stopped up, dry or with scanty watery coryza. 

    -Face- On rising, red face becomes deadly pale, or he becomes dizzy. 

    - Neuralgia especially of left side of face with restlessness, tingling numbness. 

    - Anxious look. 

    - One cheek red, other cheek pale [Cham, Cina, Ip]. 

    - Sensation of face growing larger or swelling. 

    -Mouth- Tongue coated white [Ant-c], or thick yellow white, swollen, tip tingles. 

    - Bitter taste of everything except water. 

    -G.I.T.- Throat dry red, constricted. 

    - Vomiting and fear, heat, profuse sweat, urination. 

    - Intense thirst < iced drinks. 

    - Craving- Beer, acids, bitter drinks, wine, brandy, Cold drinks. 

    - Aversion- Tobacco, artichokes. 

    - Milk < Ices < Wine > 
    - Abdomen sensitive to touch. 

    - Meteorism, vomiting, inability to urinate. 

    - Burning, cutting in intestines 

    - Stools of pure blood, slimy grass green, or like chopped herbs, or white 
    - Frequent stools, tenesmus, small broken, painful at last bloody or pure blood passes without faeces. 

    -Urinary system- Retention of urine after delivery in infant or mother. 

    - Micturation painful, difficult, drop by drop, urine fiery scalding hot, red or dark coloured. 

    -Female genitalia- Menses suppressed from fright, in cold plethoric subjects. 

    - Active uterine haemorrhage with much excitability, giddiness, cannot sit up, fear of death. 

    -Respiratory system- Croup awakening in first sleep, agony tossing about. 

    - Hoarse dry whoopy cough, short hacking, on expiration grasps larynx 

    - Short barking, ringing or whistling cough. < every inspiration, night, drinking >lying on back. 

    - Agony; sits up straight, can hardly breathe, pulse thread-like, vomiting, sweat with anxiety, swelling under short ribs after scarlet fever. 

    - Pneumonia, first stage in robust persons, chill of more less severity, followed by intense fever, hot dry skin; laboured, incomplete respiration, dry hard cough. 

    -C.V.S.- Palpitation from anxiety, during fever, after fright, after motion, on waking. 

    - Pulse full, hard, tense, bounding, sometimes intermits. 

    - Uncomplicated cardiac disease, especially numbness of left arm, tingling in fingers, fainting. 

    - Myocardial infection with pain in left shoulder 

    -Extremities- Pain down left arm [Cact, Crot -h, Kalmia, Tab]. 

    - Hot hands cold feet. 

    - Bright red hypothenar eminences of both hands. 

    -Fever- Cold waves pass through him during chill. 

    - Thirst, restlessness always present. 

    - High fever; dry burning heat, must uncover. 

    - Chilliness towards evening, hot head, face red cheeks, headache pressing outwards. 

    - Sweat on uncovered, affected parts, on drinking, wants covers. 

    -Skin- Red, hot, swollen, dry, burning, shining. 

    : - Predicts the day he will die 
    - One cheek red other pale. 

    - Music is unbearable, makes her sad. 

    - On rising from a recumbent position, the red face becomes deathly pale, he faints. 

    - Amemorrhoea in plethoric girls from fright. 

    : - Great fear of death. 

    - Mental physical restlessness. 

    - Sudden violent onset. 

    - Initial stage of inflammation before pus forms. 

    : - This drug is indicated in plethoric persons, in the first stage of inflammation before localisation and exudation has occurred, and is marked by redness, dryness, heat and severe pains. 

    - Complaints come suddenly with great anxiety, often with an overwhelming fear of death. 

    : -Angina pectoris, Anxiety disorders, Bell's palsy, Cerebral accidents, Colds, 
    Conjunctivitis, Cystitis, Facial neuralgia, Gastritis, Influenza, Injury, Labour, Myocardial infarction, Orchitis, Otitis media, Panic disorders, Pneumonia, Shock, Tonsillitis, 
    Toothache, Urinary retention or haemorrhage. 

    -Aconite is the acute of Sulphur - both precedes, follows it well in acute inflammatory conditions. 

    : -Compare- Bell, Cham, Coff. 

    -Complementary- Arn, Coffea, Sulph. 

    -Antidoted by- Acet-ac, Alcohol. 

    -Antidotes- Bell, Cham, Coffea, Nux-v, Pet, Sep, Spong, Sulph. 

    -Follows well after- Arn, Coff, Sulph, Verat. 

    -Relieves A/F - Act-rac, Cham, Coff, Nux-v, Pet, Sep, Sulph. 

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